The Beautiful Cumberland River in Tennessee!


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The Cumberland River in Tennessee

We offer trips year-round on the Cumberland River for “world class” Striper in Tennessee!  It is not uncommon to see 40 or even 50-pound Stripers pulled from the beautiful waters of the Cumberland River in TN.  We fish the Cumberland River from the Kentucky border all the way down 60 miles near Celina and Gainesboro then to the Cordell Hull dam (this is the Cordell Hull pool).  We also fish the Old Hickory headwaters below the Cordell Hull dam down past Carthage, TN.

This fishing is not for the faint of heart however!  These big fish hit like freight trains, making long powerful runs in the constantly flowing waters of the river!

The Stripers are much larger in the Cumberland River system in Tennessee then in many waters.  Per the Tennessee Wildlife Board, there is an average of over 15 Stripers caught annually in excess of 50 pounds and 40-pound fish are not uncommon.  The smallest fish we generally catch daily is over 3 feet long!  These fish prefer high protein Rainbow Trout and also fight the current all day, making them much heavier and strong than lake fish. The TN State record is 65 pounds and was caught right where we fish!


The Stripers in the Cumberland River are some of the largest “freshwater” Stripers in the world! We have clients come visit us to go after these Cumberland River monster Stripers from every State in the USA and even from several foreign countries.

Cumberland River Striper fishing is different than fishing for lake Stripers which average 8 to 10 pounds.  Lake Stripers are caught much more frequently on the numerous other waterways upon which we offer services (see our main page for a listing of all Striper waterways). The Cumberland River Stripers we catch, because we use large 2-to-3-pound Trout as bait, are much larger with our “smallest” fish daily generally at about 20-pounds with an average Striper of about 30-pounds a day (with a good chance at a 50-pound fish!).

As such, we (again) do not catch nearly the numbers of Stripers on the Cumberland River (compared to the lakes).  There are days (generally weather related) where we may not even hit one of these big fish.  It is similar to a deer hunter in a tree stand who only wants to harvest a 14-point buck.  He may not see one every day.

Overall, we average two fish a day.  But we may go for a couple of days and not hit a fish, then on the next day land five big Stripers (for example) with the smallest fish at 25 pounds!  We take what the Lord gives us. However, because we “do” use such huge bait and because of the fabulous cold water bio system of the Cumberland River our clients have a great chance to catch a true “fish of a lifetime” trophy!  Which is why we again have clients come see us from all over the world.

Your trip is a five (5) hour charter.  We take our photos quickly and return the big fish to the water to grow to be caught again (maybe 10 to 15 pounds bigger in a few years!).  In the cold waters of the Cumberland River, the caught fish survive very well and can be released unharmed.

The average size Trout we use for bait is 8 to 15 inches long (“yes” the Stripers in the Cumberland River are large enough to eat a 15 inch or larger piece of bait!).  When a big river Striper comes after a Trout, the Trout will be tail dancing all over the surface trying to get away.  Sometimes the “dance” will last half a minute (as you watch the big predator circling the prey!) until the Striper finally gets the Trout then its “Kabam”!!  The rod gets yanked down and the reel is screaming!   We use large rods, heavy duty reels, 50-pound test line and titanium hooks!

Below is a photo of 50 pound plus Cumberland River Striper!

Also, view a couple of my Cumberland River trip videos below and see all videos on my You Tube Channel:

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Pricing Guide (Cumberland River)

$500 1 or 2 People

  • 5 hour Charter

Are you looking to have some fun catching big Striped Bass?  StriperFun Fishing Guide Service can put you on big fish on the beautiful Cumberland River!  Guided trips are available year-round, weather permitting.  The average Striper caught weighs 25 to 30 pounds on the river!

We are one of the largest guide services in the Cumberland region! All guides have years of experience, are trained in CPR and first aid and are fully licensed and insured! All of the StriperFun Captains have top of the line equipment as well. You will always be in good hands! We also specialize in corporate trips!

What to Bring with You – Check List

You will need to bring lunch, drinks, warm clothing, soft soled shoes (tennis or deck shoes), sun glasses, sun screen, hat, cooler for fish fillets and rain gear (if predicted). Fishing License is (mandatory).

Deposits & Cancellation Policy

A $100.00 deposit is required when you make your reservation for any StriperFun fishing trip.   The deposit is non-refundable, but we will reschedule with at least two (2) weeks advance notice.  Re-scheduling requests or cancellation without at least two (2) weeks advance notice will cause your deposit to be forfeit.

Re-scheduling is not allowed because of predicted foul weather, including predicted rain.  We fish in the rain and your boat is covered.  The Captain reserves the right to re-schedule if the weather turns bad on the day of the trip.  Generally, this decision will be based upon high or dangerous muddy water, hazardous travel conditions (snow or ice) or frequent lightening the morning of the trip. If your trip is cancelled because of the aforementioned dangerous conditions, your deposit is good for another day.   

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