4′ foot Hydro Glow Fish Lights (48)


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Captain Jim Durham uses “Hydro Glow Fish Lights” and so should you!  The “new” Hydro Glow Fish Light is actually an “LED”.  It is twice as bright but is half the size (and is less expensive than the older models!). 

The Hydro Glow Light is designed to use 12 vdc low amperage fluorescents which produces a green glow similar to that emitted by chemical light sticks widely used by divers luring fish. It will work all night on one battery! 

Patented Design of Hydro Glow

The patented design utilizes the green light technology for improving your fishing activities during the night time hours. The light is designed to vertically submerge with only the top 3 to 5 inches of the light above the water level. This insures the entire illumination of the light is in the water where to fish are, not the bugs!  Boy, does it ever draw in the bait fish!

The illuminating effect of the green light in water is far superior to white light. This effect allows the light to penetrate farther. The superior light penetration and design has 100% of the light submerged in the water, not floating on the surface.  As such, the area affected by the light is much larger with a 360 degree range and the larger area affected by the light attracts more bait fish as well as game fish to your targeted area (like Stripers, Walleye and big Smallmouth) that will actually feed under the green light much more readily than they will under a white light.  It is also much easier on your eyes at night!

The Hydro Glow Fish Light is made to withstand the rigors of salt water fishing as well as fresh water. The bulbs are factory rated for 20000 hours use to provide years of great fishing enjoyment!   


4′ light (48″ total length) with protective case $199.95 

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