Captain Jim Planer Boards


$60.00 per set – one left / one right (only $30.00 per board) Plus $9.00 shipping and handling



The new Captain Jim planer boards are very lightweight (made out of high strength white Lexan!) and are the best “slow speed” and accurate – straight running planer boards you will ever use! Each board is “custom handmade” with high density closed cell foam that is applied with extra strength Gorilla Glue adhesive and is wedged into the middle of the foam (versus just being glued on one side). They include Scotty releases and quick disconnect line snaps.

You will not find a better made planer board for the price! Don’t pay more for a lesser quality product! Use what the pros use!

These boards have been field tested catching 40-to-50-pound Stripers with the bait at close range (only three feet behind the board) with big fish smashing the bait at high speed and really “hard yanking” the planer board! Yet the “tough” Captain Jim planer boards weather this rough treatment easily!

Even when trolling live bait as slow as .3 MPH, the new Captain Jim planer boards will “shoot out” away from your boat. They are also very quiet in operation which can make the difference on days when the fish are near the surface or nervous. When compared to traditional “heavier” hard plastic planer boards that require almost 1 mph to deploy away from your boat, you will love this high-quality – fast deploying planer board!

All merchandise ordered will generally ship in five (5) business days or less.

Remember, you can ship up to 4 pair of boards for the $9.00! Buy several sets at a time and save on shipping!


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