Captain Jim’s “Little Friend” Blade Bait

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Captain Jim’s comments on his “Little Friend”

I have always said that if I had to “guarantee I was going to feed my family” tonight, I would throw a blade bait.  All species of fish will nail it from big Stripers, Walleye, Smallmouth and huge Largemouth. 
I have developed my own blade bait which I call Captain Jim’s “Little Friend” (let me introduce you to my “Little Friend” – Ha).
This lure is a bright chrome with tough (Striper proof) hooks.  We have a hard knot of twine at the top of the back hook shank and small white feathers.  This extra weight and feathers cause the “Little Friend” to VIOLENTLY VIBRATE the end of your rod tip stronger than normal blade baits.  
Order your “Little Friend” today
I prefer (and sell) the ½ ounce size that perfectly matches the size of the smaller bait fish.   You will find this bait to be your constant “go to” bait and it will give you the response you want.
The cost of the Captain Jim’s “Little Friend” blade bait is $4.49 per each lure, minimum of 6 per order for a total order of $26.94.  Shipping and handling will be $10.50 per order per up to 20 lures. 

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