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The SBT II will now be using the Dannco LV8 Venturi!.

After 22 years of using Rule (Red, White and Blue) 500 GPH pumps for the Super Bait Tank II (SBT II), the company (Rule) has changed the design of its pump and it will no longer fit the “Keep Alive” oxygenation system base in our tanks.  Further, due to the pandemic, we are unable to obtain aeration components from Keep Alive regardless. This includes the Keep Alive base plate, air control centers and lid locks.

Because of this, Live Well Systems has transitioned over and upgraded the oxygenation system in the tanks!  The SBT II will now be using the Dannco LV8 Venturi system along with the Shurflo 500 GPH pump.  These components are equal to and/or better than the old oxygenation system!

If your pump has quit, or if you fish a lot (as a guide or otherwise) and need or want a new SBT II Retro Kit to keep in your boat, we are now offering a SBT II Retro Kit to upgrade your system.

The cost will be $135.00 plus shipping of $15.00.

To order your SBT II Retro Kit online, please click the above link to fill out the order and shipping page and to pay via CC.  Or you can order your SBT II Retro Kit by calling us at 931-403-2501 to place the order over the telephone.  Or you can mail a $150.00 money order to:


StriperFun – Super Bait Tanks

SBT II Retro Kit

PO Box 715

Livingston, TN 38570


If ordering by mail, be sure to provide the address you want the SBT II Retro Kit shipped.




Once you purchase your SBT II Retro Kit, please click the video below for an in-depth instructional video as to how to “remove” your old Keep Alive system and “install” your new SBT II Retro Kit:



We are currently shipping these SBT II Retro Kits within 20-days from order date.


Important Notice!

There have been a number of rumors flying around on the internet (in various fishing blogs!) that Live Well Systems – Super Bait Tanks “has been sold” and/or that the artist that hand makes each tank (Ron Vest) is no longer with the company and will not be making the tanks.

None of this is true!  

Ron Vest still owns the company and will be making the tanks (as he always has), providing the serious angler with the very best bait tank on the market.  As the owner of StriperFun will continue to be the marketing and point of sales as to “where” customers buy their tanks.

Please contact me if you have any questions.  931-403-2501.  Captain Jim Durham



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