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Captain Jim Lures recommends the “Slide Diver – Lite Bite” controlled depth trolling fishing device!   The Slide Diver – Lite Bite is a disc shaped “in line” device that utilizes water pressure against the planing surface which forces the unit to “dive both out and down” when trolling.

Downriggers (both manual and electric) can be very expensive and many fishermen simply cannot afford to buy multiple downriggers for their boats.  The answer is the new “Slide Diver – Lite Bite”! The new Slide Diver – Lite Bite again allows the lure to be back 100 to 150 feet behind the disc.  Just like a downrigged lure yanks the line off the downrigger clip when a fish hits, the new Slide Diver – Lite Bite “releases” when the fish hits and slides down the line to the lure. 

The Slide Diver Lite Bites come in a minimum order of TWO (which is $53.20), which includes the plastic rings that come with them!

The adjustable weight shifts the diver from the center to the far right or far left trolling positions from the boat. Based on the adjustable setting on each diver and the amount of line released, the Slide Diver will descend to a pre-selected angle and depth.  I can “dial in” the degree I want the diver to run “away from the boat and down” just like a planer board runs away from the boat.

You can tune the Slide Diver – Lite Bites either right or left –either way!  This allows me to easily troll multiple Captain Jim Special “Dominator” hair jigs and plastic trailers at the same time.  

The fish catching results are simply phenomenal!

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