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StriperFun’s Trilogy DVD includes three published volumes in a set:

Volume #1:   “The Basics” covers a variety of topics for the beginning fisherman. It includes Planer Boards – Down rigging – electronics – Umbrella rigs – cleaning the catch and much more!

Volume #2:   “Enhanced Live Bait” covers catching bait – enhanced planer boards – fishing flats & transition zones – drop shot deep water humps – fishing the canyon walls and much more!

Volume # 3:   “BOAT SET UP” covers how to “rig your boat” and the correct equipment to use – advanced reading of the GPS, fish finder and radar, enhanced trolling with Umbrella rigs and much more!

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Captain Jim,

I am ecstatic about your video series. I am moving here from Virginia after 28 years of Naval service and have always been a bass fisherman. I have never caught a Striper until now. I used the techniques that are shown in the video and after 3 hours of setting up my gear, WAMMO, I got my first, and before I could reset that line, Wammo! I got another strike. I caught my limit in a matter of ten minutes. Before I could haul in the lines I caught a third and had to do the unthinkable. I had to throw back the smallest one. I don’t think I have had as much fun fishing as I did today. I learned a lot and thank you tremendously. I look forward to many years of fishing on Lake Cumberland!

Keith Frank Dream House Photography P.O. Box 2868 Virginia Beach, VA 23450

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