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Captain Jim and the StriperFun guides all use Super Spreader Cast Nets and so should you!

As the world’s largest manufacturer of cast nets, Super Spreader Cast Nets has been producing fine quality cast nets since 1984 offering handmade quality nets at very competitive prices. Super Spreader Cast Nets provide the cast net user with a variety of affordable and well-built cast nets to meet the needs of the first time recreational user to the serious, guide series professional.

Our most popular Super Spreader Cast Net net for “deep water” applicatons of catching shad at Lake Cumberland is the “GS 1000 Ultra Spreader”!  It is a 10 foot radius net with 1/2 inch cast nets specifically designed for the deep water application we work with.  These nets have much lighter weights (only 1 pound per square foot) and special circumference tape that allows the net to stay open much longer to reach deep water shad.

Shipping and handling is included in the price!

If you want a different sized net or model, please call me at 931-403-2501 and I can discuss with you the best net for the circumstance of how you catch bait!  We can then provide a custom quote!


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